Prema Soma
healing arts


Prema Soma Healing Arts is a center for holistic health, healing and spiritual education. Come experience Peace, Health, and Vitality. We have solutions for You! Shakti has spent her adult life studying, practicing, and teaching the tools and healing practices that help us to live our lives more effectively and happily. You can experience and learn these ways of being firsthand at Prema Soma--in classes, private sessions, and community events.

Prema is a sanskrit word meaning love. In concert with the Latin Soma for body we have: Love yourself, care for your body. Care of this body that supports you day to day in living your life.  Living and aging with grace, awareness, energy, and joy! 

Peruse these pages to learn more and call or e-mail Shakti to talk about what would be best for you.

Come in for a healing session or a seasonal workshops. New workshops offered regularly.

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