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Healing, Education, Transformation

Prema Soma Healing Arts

With Shakti Smith

Prema Soma Healing Arts

With Shakti Smith

Prema Soma Healing Arts

Prema Soma Healing Arts

Healing, Education, Transformation

As of August 2020 we are open, seeing clients for in person sessions. Healing sessions and classes are also available online.

Prema Soma is a center for holistic health, healing and spiritual education. Come experience Peace, Health, and Vitality. We have solutions for You. Shakti has spent her adult life studying, practicing, and teaching the tools and healing practices that help us to live our lives more effectively and happily.

You can experience and learn these ways of being firsthand at Prema Soma–in classes, private sessions, and community events. Prema is a sanskrit word meaning love. In concert with the Latin Soma for body we have: Love yourself, care for your body. Care of this body that supports you day to day in living your life. Love Your Body. Love Your Life.

Living and aging with grace, awareness, energy, and joy. Peruse these pages to learn more and call or e-mail Shakti to talk about what would be best for you. Come in for a healing session or a seasonal workshops. New workshops offered regularly.

Dynamic Embodiment of the Sun Salutation


Announcing the publication of my new book.

Private Sessions

This is Health Care on all levels.

And the keyword here is EMBODIMENT. Touch helps you feel your body, come into your self. As does sound. Connecting with Nature does this too. As soon as we help you feel/come into/inhabit your life from your body more, you are losing stress, shedding anxiety, and allowing your body to come into the natural healing balance that it knows how to do.

These sessions support you year round, Come in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly; as well as during those times when you need a tune up so you can ‘Feel like yourself again!”. Shakti brings over 25 years professional healthcare experience to meet your needs.




Workshops and Trainings


As you are guided in balancing your chakras and neuroendocrine system you are also guided to be aware of cultural and global issues at play, moving and healing on both the micro and macro levels.
In the book Dynamic Embodiment of the Sun Salutation, Martha Eddy and Shakti Smith use life stories, metaphors and anatomical realities to help readers, movers and touch practitioners to feel positive spatial tensions throughout the body.


Through speaking of the relationship between physical movement, growth, and brain development, Shakti takes us on a journey of reconnection to ourselves, nature, and to others. She shares insights into what happens in our earliest moments of learning how to move, what that can mean psychologically and energetically as an adult, and what it means to exist and live with full body intelligence.

Shakti and Michelle got to drop in together and discuss embodiment and how important it is in these times, and ways to access more connection to Self, other, and Nature. Shakti shared about Authentic Movement, Chakra Yoga, and Medicine Dance, as well as her upcoming book!


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