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  • January 20, 2021 - March 10, 2021
    7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Medicine Dance

January 20th-March 10th,
Wednesdays, 7:30-9:30pm

via Zoom

limited to 15 participants

Bring vitality into your Winter, Self Care for your Body*Heart*Mind,
Reflect on these Times, Express through Movement and Dance, Embody your Knowledge, Evolve,

In community


Each week there will be a centering and connection with Nature, a spacious guided warm-up, time to check in with the circle with ‘what is Present’, and plenty of time for movement and dance.  With each week we will visit, embody, and explore a different chakra, of the major 7 —and its intertwined endocrine glands. You will develop your body knowledge, knowing your own energetic and physical anatomy of your chakras, with the weeks in between classes to further develop personal connections and insight.

This year Somatic Experiencing and other related modalities will be a focus, to aid us in learning about our nervous systems, to help ourselves and our communities during Covid and this changing cultural time.

I am delighted to be joined by Guest Teachers Stewart Hoyt for Movement and Heather Sanderson for a medicine dance group Plant Spirt Reading, and Janet Morgen for embodying Goddess poses.

Each participant will be invited to choose a personal focus for the 8 weeks, for which they will have the group’s support. There will also be herbs, ceremony, and other surprises to assist your immersion in your movement body. Shakti will be mailing you herbs for our nervous system and dreaming to support your exploration in this course.

This class is for all ages, abilities, and flexibilities. If you Love to move, come. If you want to love to move, come. If you have a foot injury, come. If you feel stiff, come. Do you find you are in your head most of the time, and would like to be more in your body? Come. You can sit in a chair and do this class, or lie on the ground. This is for everyone who wants to move, to dance, to be more in their body and feel alive in the present moment.


“Shakti is a warm, inviting, movement and breath guide. Each class depth-ens my body’s grasp of total freedom of movement.” Larajii, Teacher, Musician, and Urban Sanyasin


Do you want more info? Read on:

Personal Focus: Each participant will be invited to work with a particular focus over the eight weeks—from starting a new dally practice to becoming kinder to yourself. You will have the power of the group to support you in experiencing change.

Connection to Nature and Earth: Each week you will learn earth based practices to help you connect with your body, the land where you live, and the earth and cosmos. These practices will grow your awareness and your body and whole being’s capacity to heal.

*What is Present: Through this process each week we will be tuning into the power of the Collective, how each individual is necessary and contributes to the whole, and how the whole assists the individual.

*The Nervous System and Somatic Experiencing:Lessons and experiential exercises to practice over the 8 weeks for calming your nervous system, and for sharing with family and friends. Useful for any year, but especially needed and useful now during the pandemic, this time of heightened cultural change, and climate change.

*Embodiment through Experiential Anatomy:  Exploration of your breathing (lungs, diaphragm, and their connection to your pelvic floor), and the physical and energetics of your Chakral Anatomy. Much of this material is from the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen: Body Mind Centering and my learnings and research with teachers, colleague, and students over the last 25+ years.

Herbal Support: working with herbs is a great way to connect with nature, especially during the colder months. You will receive some in the mail from Shakti, along with other suggestions for practice during the course

*Chakras and Glands: you will learn mudras, mantras, sound, breath, and movement to balance your neuroendocinre system

*Plenty of spacious guided solo time: Time in stillness, in meditation. Time to feel you, your sense of center, and gradually warm up into your body and Moving Meditation.

*Movement and Dance: With fantastic music, and at times beautiful silence.

*Tuning into the Group and the Field in the ‘Room’: Moving solo, yet with the fabric of the whole group. Here is where some of the magic happens. We will playing with some structures via zoom to grow a sense of the group.

*Integration: Deep Rest


“I always feel grounded, calm, and centered after Shakti’s classes”
—DD, Somatic Educator and Therapist


Class with Shakti is a spacious affair, starting with reconnection to one’s own body, moving to an embodied awareness of the physical world, and reaching out to to the realms of the spirit. I always feel satisfyingly grounded and joyfully lifted… Shakti is a gentle guide with the just the right balance of direction and silence, her timing perfect, as she allows her students to unfold and make personal discoveries. Easeful yet direct, she holds everyone lightly with her big heart, creating space that is nurturing and safe.”
—JD, Photographer and Teacher

Shakti is a Somatic Movement Therapist with a degree in Transpersonal Psychology. She has taught Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, Dance Meditations, Movement Improvisation, Inner Body Dancing, Embodied Anatomy, Energy Balancing, Polarity Therapy, Thai Bodywork, Nature Connection and more, since 1992….at dance studios, retreat centers, Colleges, and at Movement Research. For more about Shakti: Click Here

Write/call Shakti with any questions:

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