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  • January 15, 2020 - February 26, 2020
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Make this Winter Different.

This January and February: I hope you can join us for this movement experience that drops you into your body in such a luscious and engaging way

Medicine Dance

Embodiment, Breath, Movement

We are nearing the New Year Everyone!

How about embarking on a six week journey into your body? This is a unique opportunity to gather together every week this winter for 6 weeks. 
This course will change your winter. Your movement exploration will help you ground and guide/steer your days, help you feel more fully alive, healthier, more present, and has the potential to change your experience of your life. Each week you’ll deepen your body knowledge. And each week we’ll deepen together as a group. 
Imagine Winter Differently. Ground, Connect, Center. Soar.

Each class will be centered around a different chakra and endocrine gland/organ system, with supporting developmental movement and other embodiment wisdom and gems✨. With each class I’ll be tuning into you individually, as well as to the group. I’ll come with a strong structure and holding for our time together, and will adjust to what you bring into the room each week. That is where the magic will happen! We’ll also be tuning the feminine rising energy that I/we sense coming up from the center of the earth into our bodies and into our culture.
I will be generous in sharing knowledge from my Well; there will likely be surprise additions such as specially prepared teas, ceremony, and/or herbal elixirs—to support us in our work&play each week :).

Register by January 2nd and Save $. We just need a few more people to make this workshop go.

Be Well, and Happy New Year,

Feel Healthy and Present in your Body through Medicine Dance. Access your Power and Life Force.

Medicine Dance:
Embodiment, Breath, Movement

January 15th-February 25th,
(no class 1/29)
Wednesdays, 7-9pm

@PADMA Meditation Center,
6 West 14th Street #2B
Union Square

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Make this Winter Different!

Feel Healthy and Present in your Body through Medicine Dance. Access your Power and Life Force.

We’ll meet at beautiful Padma Meditation Center in Union Square. Come join me as we dive into practices to cultivate Embodiment, Presence, and JOY.

Each week we will visit, embody, and explore a different CHAKRA—and its intertwined endocrine glands. You will develop your body knowledge, knowing your own energetic and physical anatomy of your chakras, from the inside out. With Developmental Movement as support, and other luscious somatic gems.

There will also be herbs, ceremony, and other surprises with each nights immersion in your movement body.

For Six Weeks!:

You’ll be guided into the landscape of your body, helping you to connect with your creative spark, strength, and sense of aliveness; gradually moving from subtle practices into full embodiment though movement and dance. There will be silence, helping you to know the wise quiet places within you. And there will be amazing music, to help propel you into dancing. There will practices to help you clear out the old stuff and create space for new life. We will learn ways to transform fear and other stale emotions into life force. You will enjoy plenty of sacred and safe space to integrate your experience into your mind, body, and being. This workshop will be grounded in Community.

This class is for all ages, abilities, and flexibilities. If you Love to move, come! If you want to love to move, come! If you have a foot injury, come! If you feel stiff, come! Do you find you are in your head most of the time, and would like to be more in your body? Come! You can sit in a chair and do this class, or lie on the ground. This is for everyone who wants to move, to dance, to be more in their body and feel alive in the present moment.

“Shakti is a warm, inviting, movement and breath guide. Each class depth-ens my body’s grasp of total freedom of movement.” Larajii, Teacher, Musician, and Urban Sanyasin


Do you want more info? Read on:

*Embodiment through Experiential Anatomy:  Exploration of your breathing (lungs, diaphragm, and their connection to your pelvic floor), and the physical and energetics of your Chakral Anatomy.

*Plenty of spacious guided solo time: Time in stillness, in meditation. Time to feel you, your sense of center, and gradually warm up into your body and Moving Meditation.

*Movement and DanceWith fantastic music, and at times beautiful silence.

*Partner work might include: authentic movement, light contact improvisation, mirroring, and other experiences to help you safely ‘Embody’, enjoy being in your body, be playful, and have fun.

*Tuning into the Field in the Room: Moving solo, yet with the fabric of the whole group. Here is where some of the magic happens: enjoy your dance, and at the same time: the spaces in between all the movers and the energy of the whole. Telescoping your awareness in and out.

*Integration: Deep Rest


Class with Shakti is a spacious affair, starting with reconnection to one’s own body, moving to an embodied awareness of the physical world, and reaching out to to the realms of the spirit. I always feel satisfyingly grounded and joyfully lifted… Shakti is a gentle guide with the just the right balance of direction and silence, her timing perfect, as she allows her students to unfold and make personal discoveries. Easeful yet direct, she holds everyone lightly with her big heart, creating space that is nurturing and safe.”
—Jacki Dickert, Teacher

Shakti is a Somatic Movement Therapist with a degree in Transpersonal Psychology. She has taught Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, Dance Meditations, Movement Improvisation, Inner Body Dancing, Embodied Anatomy, Energy Balancing, Polarity Therapy, Thai Bodywork, Nature Connection and more, since 1992….at dance studios, retreat centers, Colleges, and at Movement Research. For more about Shakti: https://premasoma.com/bio/

Sliding Scale $180-240 by January 2nd, $240-300 after.

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