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I’m offering tree or Vriksasana up to you this week, as a pose to practice. Have five minutes? Find a window to stand in front of, find a view to look out upon, and follow the instructions below. Have fun, enjoy embodying tree pose!

-First, finda steady gaze, drishti, as you begin. Sink your awareness into your brain, that you may look at through your eyes, from a centered place within your body
-then begin to play with your weight shifting from one foot to the other, from one hip to the other hip, slowly transitioning weight from one leg to the other
-then choose your first balancing leg: and activate foot, ankle, calf, thigh. As you lift the opposite foot to meet the inner thigh of standing leg
-gaze ahead, press foot to thigh and thigh to foot.
-bring your hands into anjali mudra and steadily raise them up your midline to overhead.
-Stay here for a few minutes, even 5. feel your heart, invite it to connect with your wrists energetically. Sense your alignment from toe to hands. Allow your body and energyfield to expand as you root and perhaps sway like a tree
-then unwind slowly, drishti still ahead, and switch sides.