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Self Care and Bodywork Skills: Integrating Chakras Into Your Practice at the Swedish Institute


2 Wednesdays, October 9th and 16th, 1-5pm


This class is for Massage Therapists, Polarity Therapists, Thai Yoga Bodyworkers, Yoga Teachers, Nurses, and other therapists or health practitioners wanting to bring the chakras into your work with your clients.


Details: this course is for bodyworkers, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and any other touch oriented health practitioner.


In this one-day intensive, you will learn the Polarity Charka Balancing session. It is a complete session within itself and can easily be integrated into your bodywork, massage therapy or touch oriented practice.


Chakra Balancing is a simple yet effective treatment for clients who are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or chronically ‘out of balance’ in their lives. Incorporating Chakra balancing into your massage therapy practice can help your clients settle into a deep relaxation and core organization that will support them as they leave. There are no contraindications for this treatment, it is easy to offer at health fairs and can be adapted to chair massage settings.


You will learn a chakra meditation technique that will help you feel and sense into your own Chakras. You will learn what Chakras are, how they influence the physical body through the nervous and endocrine system and how to help your clients understand how their lives and lifestyle choices affect their health and well being.


You will:


*Receive an introduction/refresher to Polarity Therapy’s core concepts
*Practice Chakra Meditation and Yoga
*Learn about Chakras from an Ayurvedic perspective
*Experience sensing into the Chakras on yourself and with a partner
*Learn the Chakra Balancing Session protocol
*Plenty of hands on practice


If you have taken Polarity at Swedish Institute, this is new material that is now being taught and can be a great tool to incorporate into your massage therapy sessions. This class follows an introductory class but can be taken on its own.


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