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Yoga and Meditation

Come study Yoga and Meditation in a Safe and Supportive setting. Shakti brings decades of experience and training to assist you in your journey. Her Embodiment approach gives you a unique experience. Embodiment builds confidence. Confidence in Being, from knowing your Bones.

Definition of Embodiment: guided experiential anatomy that assists you in understanding and experiencing your body  and energetic centers from the inside out.

Shakti offers quarterly Workshops, see Classes page

 Yoga privates:

Come in for a package of 5 sessions and receive a weekly write-up of your session, online e-mail support, and a Yoga Book to support your practice. Your series package will support the unfoldment of your process of finding balance, focus, strength, and flexibility of body and mind. We’ll set goals at session 1, to guide us through your 5 sessions. Optional Add-on: Shakti comes to your home to help you design and create your altar/practice area.

  • During this hour long session you are guided through a yoga class  that addresses your bodymind, integrating particular poses that you have requested, and ending in savasana with some bodywork.
  • Clients have come for private yoga sessions to develop a practice to do at home, to learn breathing and meditation to counter anxiety and/or to more deeply connect with their unique spirituality, and also to address specific concerns like tight hamstrings, SI joint/lowback issues.
  • pranayama (breathing) and meditation are integrated, as well as hands on assists throughout.


  • Meditation can be integrated into any session with Shakti, as well as being the focus of a session
  • It is one of the practices Shakti recommends most for addressing the many concerns that come up in modern life. Meditation helps with anxiety and stress. It can help us to manage and function better in our lives. Ultimately, meditation is a practice that can connect us with a deeper sense of connection, purpose, contentment.
  • Come in once per week, bi-weekly, or once a month. We’ll go at your pace! Your regular Meditation sessions at Prema Soma will support your regular practice at home. In sessions with Shakti you’ll learn new tools, have deep experiences, leave more centered and inspired!

The Power of Concentration

“Concentration is like a diamond, a brilliant focusing of our energy, intelligence, and sensitivity. When we concentrate fully, the light of our abilities shines forth in many colors, radiating through all that we do. Our energy gains a momentum and clarity that allows us to perform each task quickly and with ease, and we respond to the challenges work offers with pleasure and enthusiasm.”

-Tarthang Tulku