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about“By the time the (Reiki) session was over I felt human again!”

– Calia Marshall, Yoga teacher, dancer, and Kirtan Artist

“I am a practicing ophthalmologist and……..I had several pulled muscled in my lower back…..I would say that nothing helped except her. I tried acupuncture, orthopedic doctors, medical doctors, injections, medicine, nothing worked…….Shakti has a multifaceted approach to her therapy; it is not just a massage it is a true therapy. I highly recommend her.”

-R. Smolyak, MD, Assistant Professor University of Rochester
Sound Healing: “When you use the bowls and tuning forks, my mind goes quiet. It’s surprising how quickly it works. My whole body is receptive to vibrations, especially low frequency sounds produced by bowls. They make me feel relaxed and attuned to the healing that I feel is taking place. “
—Julia Chislenko, Psychotherapist

“I have been treated by Shakti a number of time over the last few years.  Her work has benefitted me greatly and in a number of different ways.  Her highly skilled Thai massage has greatly reduced my severe, chronic lower back pain.  Her energy work has has been remarkable at guiding me to a very centered, peaceful place within myself at a couple of stressful and traumatic periods of my life.  Shakti is a very intelligent and gifted healer.  She has been doing this for a long time and she is always learning more.  This is the kind of healing that can genuinely improve a persons life.”

-Thomas Stephanos, LMT and Acupuncturist, Brooklyn

 “I was a complete skeptic about Reiki and energy work...until I met Shakti.  I didn’t think I was that in tune with myself metaphysically that I would “feel” energy work, but from my first session with Shakti, I have felt energy pulse into me from her hands.  I have felt bad energy move up through my body and out the top of my head, and have actually felt my body and soul healing, being healed and have felt in communication with the universe.  Pretty cosmic–and this is from someone who a short time ago would have laughed at such words as transcendental, metaphysical and cosmic.  Being new to exploring this territory, I felt extremely vulnerable but Shakti has such a calm, nurturing accepting person, I felt immediately at ease with her and in safe hands.  Every session has been an amazing transcendental experience that has both relaxed and energized me and strengthened my intuition for days, weeks even, afterwards.  She has also given me a more traditional massage when I was having acute back pain, and alleviated my pain immediately.  She is a true healer. ”

-Lauren Yaffe, Writer, Brooklyn

“With Shakti, I was able to sit in meditation, comfortably, for the first time.”

-Meditation Workship attendee

“She creates a truly welcoming environment in which to learn.”

-Meditation Workshop attendee

“Shakti helped me feel like yoga was something that I could actually do, and benefit from… She is a good teacher, patient, warm, and thoughtful in her approach to students.”

-Anna K., Elementary School Teacher

“From yoga to contact improvisation to authentic movement and Inner Body Dancing, she is one of my favorite movement teachers.  Class with Shakti is a spacious affair, starting with reconnection to one’s own body, moving to an embodied awareness of the physical world, and reaching out to to the realms of the spirt. I always feel satisfyingly grounded and joyfully lifted after sessions with her.  Shakti is a gentle guide with the just the right balance of direction and silence, her timing perfect, as she allows her students to unfold and make personal discoveries. Easeful yet direct, she holds everyone lightly with her big heart, creating space that is nurturing and safe.’

– Jacki Dickert,  Teacher, Photographer, New Jersery

“Shakti is a very special spirit in my life – one of my healers that I go to regularly to benefit from her wisdom, strength and powerful channeling abilities.”

-Cathy Calderone, Creator of Shambhala Yoga and Dance Center, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

“Back in 2007, I was in critical condition in the hospital.  After I was released…I started going to Shakti Smith for weekly energy healing work. Shakti was amazing with powerful healing energy and heat coming from her hands each week and soon I started to regain my health.  Her gentle touch and chakra energy balancing helped me return to good health.  I totally recommend her for anyone who needs healing energy work…”.

-Victor Rodriguez,  NYC Director of Regional Operations, US Department of Labor

“Shakti is an amazing healer. Her approach is very human-focused. I’ve been seeing her for regular bodywork appointments for years as I suffer from chronic back problems related to a car accident… I’ve personally benefited by her holistic approach to the body. She regularly suggests ways in which to maintain health beyond (the session). Shakti is deeply aware of the connectedness of the body. I often take her advice as to stretches etc in-between appointments. If you are looking for a long-term health & lifestyle solution along with a relaxing bodywork I would highly recommend Shakti. ”

-Nate Cooper, writer and teacher, Professor at NY School for Visual Arts

“I would classify Shakti as a master of her craft, a true Healing Arts specialist. Foremost, she is highly skilled in many modalities….. and will cater her session to your needs with active communication and certain special touches. She embodies everything you want in a healing arts therapist: passion, dedication, professionalism, reliability, compassion and intuition. I have worked with her for over five years on general health and specific pain issues. I recommend her highly, have done so in the past, and will continue to do so.”

-Rebecca Kleinberg, Account Manager at Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic Expeditions, Manhattan

“Since I began working with Shakti last year I have noticed major improvements in my overall well being. She is not only an incredible (therapist) that relieves neck and back tension, but also a healer utilizing both Reiki and sound therapy. I always feel more at peace after a visit with Shakti, I call her my medicine woman.”


“Every (session) I receive from Shakti is a treat. The moment I come in, her smile, the atmosphere in her office, the music, the scent make me comfortable and relaxed. And after the session is over, my mind is clear, and the whole body is relaxed beyond belief. She has amazing hands with strong yet tender and loving touch. I feel like she knows my body, figures out where the problems are, and pays special attention to these spots. She uses a variety of techniques, and adopts them flexibly. She helps me breathe through the discomfort of the pressure she is applying to problem areas, and afterwards every time I feel better for weeks. My posture is improving, and my back pain is gone. I highly recommend Shakti to everybody.”

-Review on Google

Sound Healing, Reiki, and Polarity Bodywork: “First of all, as you arrive to Shakti’s place it is beautiful, in the waiting area outside her room and then when you get inside her room it is spacious, light filled and surrounded with art and spiritual objects and healing tools. After talking a bit and she got what my concerns where, she figured what blend of all her practices she would use on me. She started with Reiki where I went deeply within myself. She placed gems on my body and I cuold feel the healing properties of the stones penetrating into my being. She did body work touches on me and my legs were having strong releases as well as my breathing letting go with full exhales. Then I turned over on my stomach and she used her ancient tibetan bowl with the sound bathing over me in the most cosmic gentle and fulfilling way. The best part of the session though, the most significant part, is the healing that resulted after all these beautiful techniques. My knee had been giving me serious problem for quite a while and it felt so much better afterwards as I walked home from the session. Now it is days later and my knee has continued to find its way with entering a new alignment so that I am walking in a way that does not cause the same discomfort I was having before the session. Shakti is truly a healer. She has the gentleness, intuition, and skills that make you feel safe to go into a deep place and receive real healing!”

-Patricia Hogan, Occupational Therapist, Brooklyn

The day after receiving Reiki, Polarity, Bodywork, and Sound Healing:

“Omg, I feel like a human being today. THANK YOU.”-AT