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Somatic Movement Therapy and Education

Class with Shakti is a spacious affair, starting with reconnection to one’s own body, moving to an embodied awareness of the physical world, and reaching out to to the realms of the spirit. I always feel satisfyingly grounded and joyfully lifted after sessions with her.  Shakti is a gentle guide with the just the right balance of direction and silence, her timing perfect, as she allows her students to unfold and make personal discoveries. Easeful yet direct, she holds everyone lightly with her big heart, creating space that is nurturing and safe.” JD

Embodiment Coaching

  • Feeling Anxious, nervous, or out of Sorts? Whether Acute or Chronic, Embodoment Coaching can help.

Dynamic Embodiment

  • We draw from an array of somatic movement modalities to address your concerns and questions. You wear comfortable clothing as you are guided through developmental movement and exploration of your body systems (experiential anatomy/body-mind centering). We integrate with hands on bodywork on the table or the mat.
  • Experiential anatomy, movement education, and bodywork together re-educate the body, creating new pathways, addressing your standing, walking, and other movement concerns.
  • Some clients enjoy the sessions for the pure education of it, the joy of being in the body.
  • Clients have reported more ease in walking, greater ability to move to standing from sitting, relaxation, ease, relief from joint ache, a lighter heart, joy, wonder.

Authentic Movement

  • this profound moving meditation practice offers endless insight, deepening awareness, and the joy of movement to the practitioner. Practiced in a private session, or in a group setting.
  • We usually begin with a guided meditation to bring your awareness into your body, and the environment. From there you explore your movement, following the threads of your inner impulses. I sit as a witness, holding the space, seeing you. After your movement we integrate with writing/drawing, and speaking.
  • Becoming aware of these inner impulses, allowing them to emerge, then moving in response to them, brings the stories of our bodies/the fabric into our consciousness.
  • It is explored by some to deepen compassion, and acceptance, and by others simply for the joy of movement. It can be a therapeutic and/or spiritual practice. It is practiced by dancers, writers, and visual artists to source/access material.
  • For more information on Authentic Movement, please visit the Authentic Movement Community at authenticmovementcommunity.org.

Inner Body Dancing

  • This is a form that Shakti has been developed since 1999 (formerly called Dance Meditation).
  • Starting in meditation, then exploring the inner body via experiential anatomy, authentic movement, Yoga, toning, and energy practices, one is gradually guided from stillness into luxuriously full on embodied dancing, by oneself and with others. Accompanied by music.
  • Usually a 1 1/2-2 hour event, this class brings small and large groups into a community experience of celebration grounded in the body and sense of Self.

Students have said about Inner Body Dancing:

  • “My body is normally a painful place to be, but tonight it is an amazing place, thank you.”
  • “Shakti masterfully blends the art of breathing, sound, movement, and body awareness to help us to come back to ourselves and inhabit our being with authentic aliveness. She makes ancient wisdom accessible and relevant, creating the sacred space where we can truly treasure life.” Marianne
  • “(Shakti is a) warm, inviting, movement and breath guide. Each class depth-ens my body’s grasp of total freedom of movement.” Larajii, Teacher and Urban Sanyasin