Prema Soma
healing arts



Come in for a healing bodywork session; integrated with energywork, sound healing, and aromatherapy. Choose from Thai Yoga Bodywork or Prema Soma Bodywork (akin to massage therapy).

Prema Soma Thai Yoga Bodywork:

  • We usually begin with a meditation, to center and leave other concerns behind.  Breath practices and energy healing are integrated into the session as you are moved through a series of Yoga poses. You are active a little bit, but mostly settle back and enjoy as you are moved from sitting to lying down, into twists, and back into restful poses.
  • The rhythmic flow of thai yoga massage will bring you into a deeply calming, restful, and relaxed state. Additional benefits noted by clients: improved posture, relief from back pain and sciatica and other physical issues, improved overall well being, anxiety relief, improved circulation in hands and feet. Contentment, joy.
  • The joints are rotated, and muscles compressed, energy meridians stimulated to move stagnant energy. You will be feeling massage pressure from Shakti’s hands, elbows, knees, and feet.
  • Thai Yoga Massage traces its roots back 2,500 years to India and Buddhism. It developed over a period of centuries within the environment of Buddhist temples. It is still practiced and taught today in The Thai temple, or Wat, which also serves as a health center. It is practiced with Metta (loving kindness) and compassionate touch.
  • You can opt for a 60 or 90 minute session, although a 90 is strongly recommended to give time for the full benefit. 2-3 hour sessions are common in Thailand.
  • Done on a comfortable thick mat on the bamboo floor, you wear loose comfortable clothing.
  • Reiki, Polarity Bodywork, and Sound Healing are integrated into your session.
  • Note: Recommended for those with Parkinson’s as studies show that movement staves off symptoms.

More about Prema Soma Bodywork:

  • Energy work, breath awareness, cranial sacral and sound healing are fully integrated with your choice of thai or ‘table’ bodywork
  • Table work is a fusion of Polarity Bodywork with Reiki and Sound Healing. Some swedish style massage may be a part of your session. This work is often done fully clothed.
  • Come in for a visit, and consider regular sessions (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) as part of your health care. Regular visits nips new issues in the bud, improves immune system function, can produce actual changes in the body; plus manages and and can improve conditions like neck pain, back pain, carpel tunnel issues, arthritis, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, and sciatica.