Prema Soma
healing arts



Come in for a healing bodywork session; integrated with energywork, sound healing, and aromatherapy. Choose from Thai Yoga Bodywork (done on thick mats on the bamboo floor) or Prema Soma Bodywork (at the bodywork table).

Prema Soma Thai Yoga Bodywork:

  • Done on a comfortable thick mat on the bamboo floor, you wear loose comfortable clothing.
  • We usually begin with a meditation, to center and leave other concerns behind.  Breath practices and energy healing are integrated into the session as you are moved through a series of Yoga poses. You are active a little bit, but mostly settle back and enjoy as you are moved from sitting to lying down, into twists, and back into restful poses.
  • The rhythmic flow of thai yoga massage will bring you into a deeply calming, restful, and relaxed state. Additional benefits noted by clients: improved posture, relief from back pain and sciatica and other physical issues, improved overall well being, better sleep, anxiety relief, calmer mind, more even keeled emotions, improved circulation in hands and feet. Contentment, Joy.
  • The joints are rotated, and muscles compressed, energy meridians stimulated to move stagnant energy. You will be feeling massage pressure from Shakti’s hands, elbows, knees, and feet.
  • Thai Yoga Massage traces its roots back 2,500 years to India and Buddhism. It developed over a period of centuries within the environment of Buddhist temples. It is still practiced and taught today in The Thai temple, or Wat, which also serves as a health center. It is practiced with Metta (loving kindness) and compassionate touch.
  • You can opt for a 60 or 90 minute session, although a 90 is strongly recommended to give time for the full benefit. 2-3 hour sessions are common in Thailand.
  • Reiki energy work, Polarity Bodywork, Guided breathing, and Sound Healing are integrated into your session.
  • Note: Recommended for those with Parkinson’s as studies show that movement staves off symptoms.

Prema Soma Bodywork:

  • Table work is a fusion of Polarity Bodywork with Reiki and Sound Healing, and a little Thai (stretches). Some swedish style massage for hands and feet may be a part of your session. This work is done fully clothed.

How Often?

  • Come in for a visit, and consider regular sessions (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) as part of your health care. Regular visits nips new issues in the bud, improves immune system function, can produce actual changes in the body; plus manages and and can improve conditions like neck pain, back pain, carpel tunnel issues, arthritis, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, and sciatica.
  • Come for Regular visits, and we can evaluate and improve many aspects of your life over time, along with your bodywork, we can talk about and create new habits involving herbs and food, yoga and stretching, breathing, practices like meditation and nature connection.
  • Come more often, and consider a Package.
  • Warning! You might feel lighter, sleep better, be more comfortable in your body, and experience increased happiness.