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Coming in for regular bodywork sessions helps you come back to center. The amplified space of a session grows your awareness on all levels, from noticing imbalances before they become major injuries to evolving your embodiment, presence, and sense of yourself in the world. Your session is specific to your interests and needs—a 90 minute Thai session can include 30 minutes of Yoga instruction, ten minutes of guided meditation and visualizations, and/or stretch and other self care suggestions and instruction.

Most Thai Yoga Bodywork Sessions are integrated with Reiki and Sound healing throughout—I use tuning forks and singing bowls to treat the nervous system—the benefits of this quickly cascade into your other body systems (muscles relaxing, thoughts stilling, breath calming). And you also try a full Himalayan Singing Bowl Session—this is a unique and powerful experience that stills your mind, calms and energizes, and prompts your body to come into balance. This enables you to feel more connected with yourself, others, and the world and nature around you.


To schedule sessions contact Shakti@917-405-5877/Shakti@PremaSoma.com