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Vision Quest in Prospect Park

In the thick of spring, as we move towards summer, what a perfect time to go on a solo journey in the park. You will enter at Sunrise, solo, with the support of your community elsewhere within the park. But this is indeed a solo journey—time intentionally carved out and consciously set aside by you. You will be fasting*, and doing practices to facilitate your well-being, healing, and connection with nature. At the end of your quest we will meet as a group to share our stories. We will meet the day before to prepare. Traditionally this is a 4-10 day event, done in secluded nature far away from people. Last year I did a day long quest in the park, in preparation for a ten day quest in the mountains of New Mexico. I found my time in the park, especially the connection with nature, to be surprisingly just as powerful as in the mountains. I’m so delighted and honored to be offering this Urban Journey.

Saturday, May 4th4-6pm Preparation Class at Prema Soma Studio
Sunday, May 5th: Solo starts at Sunrise
Sunday, May 5th: Participant Gathering in the Park 2-4:30pm

Quests like this have been done by indigenous cultures for thousands of years, and in some cultures as an annual clearing and connection with nature and spirit. Your quest will be of your own design, with your unique intention. You may be drawn to do this simply to have 4-8 hours of silence with nothing to do but ‘Be’. This quest is a powerful way for you to ‘clear the decks’, to refresh and reboot, to give your body mind, & soul healing and breathing time. You may do it to strengthen your connection with Nature, to work on healing or mending an aspect of your life, or to seek an answer a big life question.

Your Quest begins when you register. You’ll receive and informational email from me, with suggestions on preparations to do before the 4th. It is recommended you register at least one month ahead of time, as this time can be used to solidify your intention, but one week will suffice. Registration will close on April 28th.

*fasting in this case means no food. You will be drinking water. Exceptions can be made of course for those needing food for taking with medicines and other reasons.

call or write Shakti with any questions: shakti@premasoma.com/917-405-5877

Register Here by April 28, 2018
$108 to be paid in full by one week before your jouney begins